Give the Gift of Healthy Food on Holidays and Birthdays!

Surprise family, friends, and colleagues this season with a gift in their honor to support the work of the Garfield Community Farm. All gifts are 100% tax deductible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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0$10Plants and Seeds
Each season Garfield Farm plants hundreds of seedlings which we raise in our high tunnel and Bioshelter. We grow a very wide variety of rare and heirloom vegetables, berries and fruits. Your donation will provide hundreds of seeds for planting throughout the year.
1$30Fruit Trees and Berry Shrubs
Some of our most popular crops at the market! Help us plant and care for apples, peaches, raspberries and more. A tomato or pepper plant last a few months but a full size apple tree can feed the neighborhood healthy organic apples for decades to come.
2$40Vegetables for Local Families (CSA membership for one family)
Help subsidize one of our CSA shares for a local family. Each family in the program receives a basket of veggies every week for 20 weeks. Some families pay a full price of $400 for their 20 weeks of produce while other families receive their produce for greatly reduced prices or in return for weekly work at the farm. Your donation assures that every family who wants to eat our healthy food is able to.
3$50Field Trip and Summer Camp Donation
Subsidize a field trip for a local group of children or a week of camp for one student. In 2012 we began a hands on learning program at the farm for elementary school students and in 2013 we will hold our first week long summer camp. These opportunities for learning have helped shape the mission of Garfield Farm. Through these field trips, classes and volunteer opportunities children throughout the area are learning about nutrition, ecology, gardening, and so much more!
4$60Neighbor Garden Installation
Many of our neighbors in Garfield would like gardens like the ones at our farm. This year we will begin helping them implement their own gardening dreams. This is a new endeavor for us, but we believe it will be a very important aspect of our future ministry. Imagine Garfield with dozens of backyard gardens supporting the neighborhood's food needs and the regions biodiversity!
5$70Benches for the Spiral Peace Garden
Our spiral herb garden is designed for prayer and meditation as well as edible herb production. Help us build more places to sit and reflect in our gardens and orchards.
6$100Summer Educational Internship
Funding toward our summer internship program where local youth and students receive hands on education and experience running the farm. These internships have been very successful for the past four years. Interns have gone on to start their own urban farms, work at other local farms, and continue their education. Our interns form the backbone of our work each summer and are extremely important to the work of the farm. Help us continue and expand this important aspect of what we do!
7$100Help Finish the Bioshelter and Build New Greenhouse Tunnels
During the fall of 2012 we began building a very unique and amazing building called a bioshelter. It is an ecologically designed and managed greenhouse where zero fossil fuels are used by crops grow all year long. You donation will help us finish the bioshelter and/or help us build new hoop house green houses around the farm.

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